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When domestic violence accusations lead to battery charges

Being accused of violence against a partner or spouse can be life-shattering. It can have major impacts on one’s reputation and family life. It could also expose a person to significant criminal charges.

Various charges could arise in connection to such allegations here in California. One type of charge individuals accused of such violence sometimes face is battery.

Battery is the crime of willfully and unlawfully committing violence (or using force) against a person.

A conviction on domestic violence battery charges could cost a person their freedom. Generally, a jail sentence of up to a year can be given for this type of battery. Such a conviction can also expose a person to significant fines. The maximum fine is generally $2,000.

Another ramification of a conviction on such a charge is that domestic violence ends up on one’s record. This can have all kinds of lasting consequences.

Facing domestic violence battery charges can be an incredibly emotional matter. As the potential penalties for this type of battery underscore, it is also a matter that could have major implications for one’s future here in California. So, a person can have all manner of worries, concerns and questions when allegations of such conduct arise. It is important to remember that a person doesn’t have to navigate this potentially life-altering situation on his or her own. Individuals accused of domestic violence can seek out guidance from skilled defense lawyers. This can help them understand their options for moving forward in the face of the charges brought against them.

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