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California DUIs and your driving record

Among the things getting a DUI conviction here in California impacts is your record. This doesn’t just include your criminal record. It also includes your driving record.

When a person is convicted of DUI in the state, the DUI is put on his or her driving record. How long does the DUI stay on this record? Generally, it remains for 10 years after the DUI offense, after which it is removed. This has been the case since 2007, when a state law went into effect that raised the reporting period from 7 years to 10 years. As a note, the rules are different for drivers with a CDL.

What impacts can having a DUI on your driving record have?

Well, it could negatively impact your insurance rates. For example, when a California driver has a DUI on their driving record, he or she is ineligible for a good driver discount.

Also, depending on your situation, it could have negative implications regarding your employment. Employers are among the parties that typically look at public driving records. Depending on what job you have or are seeking, having a DUI on your driving record might affect your likelihood of keeping or getting the job.

As this illustrates, a DUI conviction can have impacts on a person long into the future. So, when a person is accused of drunk driving in California, a lot can be riding on what he or she does next. This underscores the importance of promptly seeking defense guidance when DUI charges are leveled.

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